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Based in Los Angeles, The Payphone Company provides pay telephone and inmate phone service; prepaid calling cards and machines; pay internet kiosks and high-end vending machines that extends from the Greater Los Angeles and nationwide.

The businesses we service range from small venues such as mini markets, public schools, bus and train stations, as well as large public sector contracts. Those contracts include the Los Angeles World Airports, General Mitchell Airport – Wisconsin, Cuyahoga County – Ohio and Alameda County – Northern California.


Founded more than a decade ago, The Payphone Company was started with only two payphones. Since its modest beginning, The Payphone Company, though still a certified Small, Minority-owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, has increased its capacity to marquee locations that include some of the country’s largest airports and inmate facilities, namely Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Inmate and Juvenile facilities.

In addition to payphones, The Payphone Company continues expanding its services and has deployed and managed pre-paid calling card machines at the General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, WI and The Bus and Train Depot at Santa Ana; as well as installed and service internet kiosks and vending machines that offer high-end electronics at Los Angeles International Airport and Memphis International Airport.

The Payphone Company is a leader in the telecommunications industry of Southern California and nationwide.

Prepaid Calling Card

The Payphone company provides prepaid calling card kiosks for small to large accounts; as well as prepaid calling cards for inmate facilities.

Prepaid Calling Card Services | Affiliated Partners

On-site Administration

The Payphone Company provides on-site system administration that includes daily administration, operation and maintenance of any facility-based telephone system.

On-Site Administration | Affiliated Partners

Internet Kiosks

The Payphone Company provides pay internet kiosks for small and large accounts. The pay internet kiosks, which accepts cash or credit/debit cards, allow users to surf the internet, make airplane and hotel reservations, check their email, and pay bills online. Users can also access Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for their business needs.

The Payphone Company is a leader in the telecommunications industry of Southern California and nationwide.

Internet Kiosks Service | Affiliated Partners

Inmate Phones

The Payphone Company provides inmate telephone service solutions for small to large inmate facilities such as jails, juvenile detention centers and psychiatric correctional hospitals.

The inmate telephone platform offers:

  • International Collect
  • Credit Card Collect
  • Customized operator services with a focus towards the inmate calling products, such as Collect, Prepaid and Credit Card Collect Calls
  • Automated and/or live operator services utilizing a operator center based in the USA
  • Call blocking and threshold
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • System shut-of
  • Web-based tools allowing offsite administration of phones

Inmate Telephone Service | Affiliated Partners

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